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The South Wake Park Project is a grassroots effort initiated by Fuquay-Varina residents, who have been working for over a year to bring a regional park to Wake County along the Hilltop-Needmore corridor in southern Wake County. Wake County, NC is one of the fastest growing areas of the country with 64 new residents every day. Open land is disappearing at an astonishing rate of 27-35 acres a day to development. It is vital that we not only preserve open spaces for the future, but make great use of the ones that we have. There is an opportunity to turn a former golf course into a regional park for a fraction of the cost of developing a new park from scratch. This is a win-win-win situation for current residents, county officials, and the future of this area. Help create this park by making a donation today and make this a better place to live for tomorrow.
The Conservation Fund understands that these gifts are made specifically for the South Wake Park acquisition. If The Conservation Fund fails to complete its acquisition of South Wake Park, donors may request that the Fund return their contribution by calling 703-525-6300."
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Wake County Park Project


The Conservation Fund

If you are unable to make your gift online,
please print and fill out this mail-in form.

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8/9/2017Good luck!Anonymous
6/14/2017We're so thankful that the Conservation Fund is supportive of this proposed park! It will be a wonderful place for recreation and to enjoy nature!Sheree Ward
5/5/2017This is a great project!Anonymous
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