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There are iconic landscapes that move us and remind us why nature matters – The Knob is one of those places. Providing a stunning backdrop to the historic town of Mount Jackson, the Knob is the rocky-topped southern end of Short Mountain, home to Peregrine falcons and vital for the town’s water supply. Located in Shenandoah County and adjacent to the George Washington National Forest, this area is a favorite recreation destination for outdoor enthusiasts from near and far and important for the tourism economy. However, it is also for sale and at risk of development.

With your help, The Conservation Fund seeks to purchase and protect 137 acres on The Knob and transfer the land to the U.S. Forest Service for incorporation into the George Washington National Forest. If the property can be purchased, we will permanently protect land critical to the water supply for the Town of Mount Jackson, and we may be able to extend the Massanutten Trail and provide recreational opportunities. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that the iconic backdrop to the Town is preserved for future generations.

This is an all-hands-on-deck save and we need to raise $385,000 to make this project a reality. Thanks to the work of The Conservation Fund and generous donors, we are almost there. But we need your help. Right now, all local donations up to $10,000 will be matched by the Town of Mount Jackson to get us over the finish line. Please consider a donation today to help save this local gem.

Photo by: Rod Shepherd

The Conservation Fund

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10/8/2018Still waiting! And also waiting for a receipt. Looks like my $ were tossed down a rat hole. With no response from anyone not even a Bot - I’m left with thinking is this outfit a scam? Or at the very least … get their money and quickly move to the next project/scam. Well .. I hope the after party was fun. Steve Frick
7/22/2018I’m still waiting to see the “updated report” that was suppose to come out last January. Or was that to be next January ... or the one after or the ...? I have seen nothing about The Knob. Did I throw my $ down a some deep hole? Was The Knob “saved”? This page is where I was sent to. This is the page I fully expect to find answers. I’m not in the mood nor do I have the time to drill down or search around especially when I have no idea where to look! The last comment before mine by Kim Woodwell said a report would be out in early January. I guess l’ll go sit in a corner and just wait like a good little boy and wonder why did I bother.Steve Frick
4/5/2018It’s been a while - what is the latest on The Knob? Thanks.Steve Frick
12/31/2017Thanks for all the support to Save The Knob! Donations are coming in and we are nearing our goal! We hope to have an updated campaign total in early January and will let everyone know if we need to do one more push to reach our goal. Please continue to help by contributing and sharing this page.Kim Woodwell - Shenandoah Forum
12/15/2017I sent you a $50 donation and I need a receipt. Thank you.Pat Churchman
10/30/2017View of the Knob from our New Market property. . .let's PROTECT THE KNOB FOREVER!!!! Allowing any top of development on top of this iconic special place would be a tragedy none of us would want to live with!!Jonathan Kiser
10/27/2017Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We're starting to see donations come in to help Save the Knob! Thanks to the Town of Mount Jackson, donations from town residents will be matched, up to $10,000. This means that any donation by a resident will be doubled, so please help us reach our goal by contributing and sharing this page today.Heather Richards - Conservation Fund
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