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If you're visiting this page that means you knew or know of Madelyn Stephenson. She was an old soul at the tender age of 19. A realist, pragmatist, and someone that once you were in her life and she yours you'd never want to leave her side again. Madelyn was looking towards an unknown but exciting future when she left this world on January 3rd, 2014.
Madelyn was of the mindset that you live simply so that others may simply live. She loved being outside, being among nature's great gifts. Fresh air, whisping grass on one's ankles, and open skies above. She was studying environmental sciences in college and she wanted to make a difference on this planet, for this planet. Donating in her name to the Conservation Fund would go towards helping the natural beauty of this planet, and also would go towards keeping Madelyn's memory alive.

Give what you will.


If you are unable to make your gift online,
please print and fill out this mail-in form.

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