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12/30/2014Dorian - Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment. Your energy and perseverance are truly amazing. Thanks for taking the time each and every night, not matter how inviting that pillow looked, to share your photos and thoughts, I both learned and laughed in reading your blog. I hope the new year brings you plenty of time to rest, relax and reflect on all that you have seen, heard and experienced in the last year.Joe Anderson
12/28/2014Dorian, you have been such an inspiration throughout the year. You blew through the goal I had wished for you of 600 birds. You kept us all entertained and made us think more about conservation not just for birds, but about how much carbon we use. Many of us back here in Massachusetts have followed your journey via your blog and we almost always talk about you when we are out birding. The birding year is coming to an end for all of us and it is hard to get new birds, but just think, in a few short days, you can start fresh and get all the new year birds you want! ;-) I hope the thought of that is uplifting and doesn't make you want to throw up! We can't wait to run into you again back on your old stomping grounds.Jim Guion
12/26/2014Dorian, Your dedication to conservation & birds is wonderful. I have noticed on the blog that you are working on what to do with the rest of your life. Your are young, dedicated, energetic, and passionate about conservation, able to put ideas into action, so how about getting others to donate their time to conservation like you have and start a non-profit similar to the Peace Core only for conservation efforts! CarlCarl Freeman
12/25/2014Great effort, thank you for sharing it with all of the world on the Web. I have followed you and really enjoyed your posts.Jim Morris Vermont
12/2/2014Keep up the amazing work Dorian! Your journey has been some much fun to follow and is a very inspiring one. Good luck on the last month of your big year!Gertsman family
12/2/2014I'm chipping in for another go-round too. I salute you and celebrate your bike, your birds, your stories!Sandra in Colorado
12/2/2014Dorian, I wish I had more zeroes on the end of my donation. But I too am glad to have waited until now. Congrats and thank you for taking us all along for the ride. Here's to ending the year strong!Josh Bruening
12/2/2014My husband and I are both fascinated & entertained by reading your daily blog. Your stamina, humor, expertise and enthusiasm are amazing. I'm pleased to have waited until now to donate and get the matching funds for Happy Giving Tuesday!Susan Faulkner
12/2/2014Dorian, you are a beast! I am in awe of the effort you put in for this trip, and very happy to see you breach and quickly obliterate the 600 bird mark. Way to go man!Adam Pelzek
12/1/2014As promised, I just completed my fourth and final donation to acknowledge the 600 species milestone ($100 this time, for a total of $250 for the year). Congratulations!Steve Bobonick
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