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Welcome to Dorian’s Page!

"Biking for Birds" will be my attempt, during the calendar year of 2014, to find as many species of birds as I can in North American without using any petroleum, natural gas, or electricity. I will travel only by bicycle and by foot, and I hope to cover more than 10,000 miles around the lower 48 states. This adventure has three goals. First, I want to see as many bird species as possible. Second, I want to raise awareness for eco-friendly forms of transportation. Third, I want to raise $100,000 to support bird conservation and birdwatching. Biking for Birds is going to be an amazing personal experience, and it will be sure to connect me with thousands of other birders and nature lovers across the country.

I will be fundraising on behalf of two organizations, The Conservation Fund and the American Birding Association. All donations will be collected through this portal hosted by The Conservation Fund. None of the donations will touch my hands. The Conservation Fund will ultimately receive 80% of the total funds raised; The American Birding Association will receive 20%. This split was agreed upon by both organizations.

Information on the specific conservation projects for which the raised funds will be used can be found on my blog at



If you are unable to make your gift online, please print and fill out this mail-in form.


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10/11/2014What a wonderful idea! As a lifelong birder I'm getting tremendous vicarious thrill following your blog every day, and am glad it has spurred other birders to donate to these worthy causes. Wished I could have joined up with you when you came through Corvallis, Oregon. Best of luck with both your list and the donations during the remainder of your heroic and selfless journey!Paul Adamus
9/1/2014Good Luck with the Pacific Golden Plover and/or Tufted Puffin, whatever you decide to do logistically. I just made my third donation of the year for $75. This brings my total to $150 and I plan on a final $100 when you hit 600 species. All of this will be matched by the GE Foundation. I don't know how or if you get credit for the match in your running total. I do know the foundation distributes the payments quarterly, so the final $100 won't be received by the fund until the 1st quarter 2015.Steve Bobonick
8/2/2014Dorian - Congrats on going over 500 species. It has been fun following your progress since hosting you at the start of the year. Do you remember the driving snow and those below zero temps? Keep the bird pics coming.Henry Mauer
7/12/2014Hey Dorian, Way to go, man. Over half way through the year and still going strong! Great birds and great photos. May the gods of birding and weather be good to you! Just caught up to your bird numbers through the end of June via donation, up to $490 so far. Keep up the great work and make me pay for it! JimJim Guion
7/8/2014Hi Dorian, We met at Sabine Woods this spring, I have been following your blog and wish you all the best in your adventure. Keep up the good work! We are hoping the roads are kind to you and the birds plentiful. Best, Jami and Amy Markle.Jami Markle
7/8/2014Hey Dorian, With a 1 day extension for the VENT match, what a perfect time to donate! (Tell Barry and Victor they should double their match). I hope you enjoy Wyoming, get Sonia to write more guest blogs, and, of course, keep the rubber side down. Best wishes, Greg and CarolynGreg
7/7/2014Hi Dorian, I've been following your blog for several months now and look forward to hearing about your adventures each day. I'm living vicariously through you as I love to photograph birds. Just remember when times get tough this year that you have a bunch of folks out here rooting for you. Good luck. I've just made a donation to the cause and will more than likely repeat that before your year is over. Now go find that prairie chicken!Karen
7/7/2014Hi Dorian, amazing blog, photos, and birds. The other day i was inspired to hop on my bike and take my 3 year old daughter for some birding by bike. She loved it. We were able to stop often to listen and observe the local birds. Will definitely be doing more of this. Thanks for your inspiration. Happy to donate and good luck with the prairie-chicken hunt. --Ed Stedman, Kensington, MDEd Stedman
7/3/2014I've been following your blog all year and just donated! Greetings from me and the Piping Plovers of Yankton, South Dakota! Keep on riding!Andrea
7/3/2014Thanks again for the Hudsonian at High Island. Good luck on the second half of 2014!Peggy Baker
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